SOAP header info needed

  1. Is there a way to identify the URL, with the HTTP Headers (usercode, password, content type, etc…), that webMethods builds internally from the pub.client:soapHTTP service that is sent to an external client/partner?

  2. Is there a way to capture the SOAP data that is sent by the pub.client:soapHTTP service to an external client/partner in a binary representation format?

In general, are these 2 items something that can be determined using webMethods or do I need an HTTP snooper program to be able to get this information?


  1. Well, you set the URL as an input to pub.client:soapHTTP. You also set the auth parameters and, starting with some service pack in 6.1, the content-type. Since you know those things when you call the services, I’m assuming you want to see what is really being sent, right?

  2. Yes. There are several tools or utilities that will do this. The Apache AXIS TCPMonitor class (in the axis.jar) and the PocketSoap TCPTrace will each do the trick and both are free. Other posts here in this forum have additional details on usage and locations for these two.

To capture the data you identified above, the best way is to use an external utility. webMethods does not provide one.