SOAP Fault IS document type Validation Failed-- XML Namespace property is not assigned to the field


I am in task of creating SOAP fault handler steps.

Referring to the page 79 in WebService_Develoeprs_Guide PDF, “To add a fault element to an operation”, when performing the 6th step, save the document type, its throwing the following exception.

“Could not save[ISC.0081.9164] Exception occurred during generation of WSDL for service providerwsd: [ISC.0124.9005] Document to XSD error: Field soapenv:Envelope cannot be represented in XML Schema. The field name contains a prefix but an XML Namespace property is not assigned to the field”

Attached are the sample SOAP Fault IS documents used to perform above step which has proper namespace property.

Can you Please help to get any valid sample SOAP Fault document type.

With Thanks,