SOAP error details needed

I need to know
1)the SOAP versions supported by webMethods 6.5
2) some details about SOAP message schema;
3) wat could be the reason for the following error msg:
[ISS.0088.9125] SOAP request does not conform to the SOAP message model

The SOAP Programmer’s Guide PDF found in \Developer\doc\guides folder should help with 1 and 2. IS 7.1, which will be released in a few months, will update the SOAP and WSDL versions.

Search webMethods Advantage for details on that particular error code.


Does this mean we no longer need Glue for supporting soap 1.2 and soap with attachments once IS 7.1 is released. By any chance do you have any information regarding the timeline for this release. I am not able to find this info on advantage site.

From a slide at IW 2006 presentation

•WS-I compliance
•SOAP 1.2
•MTOM/XOP attachments
•JAX-RPC header handler support
1.0–User tokens–X.509 tokens–SAML tokens