SOAP Body Entries must have a namespace name

I am using IS 6.5 to build a consumer webservice.

I perform the following steps:

  1. I build a document that matches the schema I received to AddRecords
  2. invoke createSoapData
  3. convert my AddRecords document to XMLString
    a) Set nsDecls to the following name / value pair
    tns1 / [URL][/URL]
  4. invoke xmlStringToXMLNode
  5. invoke addBodyEntry

wm pukes with “SOAP Body Entries must have a namespace”

I have been reading any and all wmusers posts I can find, but everything I have read says I did it correctly.

I even attempted to change the watt settings to stop this service from checking that and it still croaks.
e.g. watt.server.SOAP.EnforceMsgPartNS=false

What am I doing wrong?

My guess is that you are either not successfully namespace-qualifying the node created from your string or that you are not adding the namespace-qualified node to the soap message.

Does your AddRecords document contain the prefix tns1? In other words is it named AddRecords or tns1:AddRecords. If you don’t have a prefix either in the source doc or in the pipeline editor when you specify the prefix in nsDecls, the namespace qualification will not work.


I’d have to seem the Flow to be sure.