So Called Bugs / Work arounds while using wM Flow Services

To start with… there are many services that do not function as per documentation… Let us start collating this information.

To Begin With, the first one from my side : wM 6.1
pub.client.ftp - does not take into consideration the directory path. (required change directory step is not implemented within)

Work around:
use the following approach

More to follow and expect more from others.

Bhavani Shankar


I really did not understand what you wanted. I might be missing your point completely.

Ram Challuri

Not a bad idea. But we’ll need to be very careful about what is tagged as a “bug” and what can be attributed to improper use.

What is the specific version of IS that you are working with as indicated from the About page? I ask because pub.client:ftp clearly performs a step to call pub.client.ftp:cd within. I’m looking at IS 6.1 SP1, Build 132.