smtp service error in wM65


IS65_SP2 on Windows 2000

Any one encountered this error while running smtp service??

java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException: com/sun/mail/util/SharedByteArrayInputStream

I tried googling in the Advantage site as well but no luck so far…search goes on…

Rob:If you were there online please advice…

Appreciate your any inputs…


Did you try googling in Google?:smiley: Just kidding.

At first glance in Google, looks like a conflicting jar file.

Yes i did…BTW,which jar??


Not sure. First, can you check if you have mail.jar in your classpath. If it was already there, then can you list out all the jar files you have in your classpath. This class, should be in mail.jar usually.

Yes i do see that mail.jar in the IntegrationServer\lib and obviously it shows up in the About page in the Server Classpath section.

Also we have lot of standard,custom jars bundles loaded in the appropriate lib and lib\jars in the Java & server classpaths.


We ended up opening SR…you know tech support how slow they are…no luck so far…

Any suggestions??


You might look through each of those jars to see if any of them also contain the com.sun.mail.util.SharedByteArrayInputStream class. I haven’t encountered it with this particular class but I’ve run into class conflicts before where one jar has one version of stuff and another jar has another version.

Thanks Rob…yeh thats what i also thought a conflict issue.I will look into those jars aswell…


Did you try IS restart? Please post more details of the error.

Yes re-booted IS couple of times…Its a custom jar conflict issue still i am digging more into it to confirm…