smtp service: body as html or backgrounds


We want to use the smtp service to send mail to the outside.
We want to make clear difference between mails comming from test environment and production.

Is it possible to add background like the words ‘TEST’ in the body of the mail ?
We already tried the put a html in the body but it isn’t converted when it e.g. arrives in outlook.

That’s a great idea. I don’t know how to go about it exactly, but my first thought is that you’ll need to use multipart MIME to create the e-mail with the right content types for Outlook to see the mail as HTML instead of text.

Perhaps someone else has investigated this and can provide pointers.

We are using the smtp service to send the mails. We send attachements, using smtp services.

Using the same mail server, by changing the input paramater “FROM” you achieve this. you can use one id for Test environment and another for the Production environment.

Hope this helps.


That’s a good “low-tech” approach that works well–virtually everyone does that.

I would think the appeal of a much-more-noticeable visual cue in the form of a background image or watermark is quite high.

If someone figures out a way to do this, please post the solution if you’re allowed to do so.

I have a non “low tech” approach. Initialize a variable say custom_body with some message say

This is not a low tech approach . In pub.client.smtp service , set attachments/contenttype to "text/html". map the variable custom_body to attachments/content. Hard code body to blank.

Send mail, you will recieve mail in your outlook with the back ground color of your choice.