SMTP mimeStream parameter

Greetings all. I am using SAP BC v4.6 and I’m trying to send a mime (and smime) email via the “mimeStream” parameter of the SMTP service. It simply “locks up” and I have to terminate the flow service using the “stop” button. I can send email using the “body” and “attachments” parameters but not using “mimeStream”. The mime data is “text/xml”.

Some questions:
Is this “mimeStream” parameter method known to work?
Can anyone else send email this way?
Does anyone know how to fix this?

Any input gratefully received.

After all this time, any luck on this? I’m seeing the exact same behavior.

Same for me. CAN SOMEBODY help us!!!

Bert, Wayne,

I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing this issue. I have not used the mime services on IS but have worked with it elsewhere so I’ll try to help.

BTW, have you guys looked at the MIME sample code in WmSample package? Perhaps the issue is with MIME stream object that you are sending the SMTP service?

The MIME Stream must contain the correct MIME headers and any content must be added to the MIME object. I am guessing that on IS , you need to use the “addBodyPart” service in the WmPublic.mime folder.

The example in WmSamples shows the process and I think that should help you along. Try to use the sample steps to figure out what needs to be done in the preceeding steps before the SMTP service, to prepare the mime Stream for the SMTP service.

Good luck.