Size Limit of Attachments when using MTOM streaming in web services

I am trying to send a file from one IS to another using MTOM/XOP streaming.
I have a flow service on IS1 and I have generated WSDL for it. Also, attachment is enabled for this. Using this WSDL, I have created a connector on IS2 so that a service can call it as a consumer.
Can anyone please tell me what is the size limit of the file attachment that can be sent using MTOM ? I was able to send a file of size ~3.5 MB but when I tried to send a file of size ~973 MB, the server crashed.
I have raised an SR with SAG but they are yet to get back on this.


I am not sure the exact size limit but it would be better wait on SAG to confirm on the threshold size.


It depends on the IS Memory available at that point of time when file was sent.
Even your 3.5 MB or less size file will fail if there is no sufficient free memory.

So, just hike your Max memory and then test

Hello Prabhu Kona,

My opinion is that the memory might not be the problem in this case. That’s the whole point of using MTOM, to not store the attachment in memory.

Please make sure that you have set the following setting on the Integration Server.

watt.server.SOAP.MTOMStreaming.cachedFiles.location = leave it to the default location
watt.server.SOAP.MTOMStreaming.threshold = leave it to the default value (i think it is 4 kb)

And let us know if you still have this problem.

Vlad Turian

Prabhu, Did you hear back from SAG as generally we do use MTOM with less size files attachment.