Single Y-axis when choosing multiple datapoints?


is it possible to only get one Y-axis when choosing the same datapoint from different devices?
The use case is as follows. I want to be able to select the same datapoint across multiple similar devices and compare them.
I was only able to achieve this by setting the min, max range in the datapoint library and then link this datapoint template to all my similar datapoints.

It would be nice to achieve the same without explicitly setting min, max values for the expected range in the datapoint library. In some cases this is helpful, because your datapoint can represent a concentration of a substance and this can vary widely, e.g. 0.0001% to 50%.
If I enter 0% - 50% as min, max in the datapoint library I will not be able to see the details my concentration when it is only at ~ 0.0001%.

I tested as well the new community datapoint graph.This show a similar behaviour of displaying unnecessary Y-axis.

Regards Christof

Hi Christof, you may want to raise a feature request for this. Currently, explicitly setting min and max values is the only way to force it.

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