Single Record Inside Record List

Am running B2B server 3.6 with RN 1.6 (I know, I know, I need to upgrade). I have seen this behavior in non-RN specific flows as well as RN specific flows. What’s happening is this:

I define a field as a record list (one to many), but when a message is submitted with just one record in the record list, webMethods considers it to be invalid. Is there anything I can do to mitigate this or something I may have done to cause it? I am currently experiencing the problem with a new custom PIP. I have several custom PIP’s in production and did not have this problem before, but am recieving “Receipt+Acknowledgement+Exceptions.RNO” with this PIP.
Any help is appreciated.
Dennis Russell

If you use pub.web:documentToRecord, you can give it a record name to conform to (field is “recordName”). doing that will force any single records to be record lists (provided they are record lists in the record you specifc it to conform to).


Another minor point to add is when the nsname of the record is given as input to doctoRecord service, we have to set makeArrays to false.(wm will clearly throw an error)

I had run into a case where 1 record within a list was not being recognized in the doc2rcrd conversion. It turns out that if the match between the xml instance document tags and the field names in the rcrd is not exact, the record definition is ignored and you still end up with a rcrd instead of a record list with a single rcrd inside it.