Single Board Device

Hi All,

we are working in one Drone Project and using Single Board Device


“How can we push data from Cumulocity IoT to IoT devices using a single-board device in our drone project?”

Hi @Aneel_Chaladi

I think “Single Board Device” and Drone Project is not enough to help you and answering your questions.
Can you be more specific?

What kind of board we are talking about? What interfaces are available? Is the “single board” capable of running custom code?

Hi Stefan,

It is Nvidia - Single Board computer, installed with Linux Ubuntu operating system. We can develop any custom code (c, c++, python) and run it on SBC to execute to our requirement.

Hi @Aneel_Chaladi

perfect, thanks! I think for that purpose you can run on that board which comes out of the box with a lot of Device Management features and your requirement to handle any kind of operation sent via cumulocity IoT to the device:

For me this would be the most straight forward way to do that. If you want it more customized you can also build you own little agent in python or any other programming language but for that you need to understand all the SmarREST, MQTT, C8Y Domain Model concepts.

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