simple Java Client to send a soapRequest to IS?

Does anybody has a simple java program that creates a soapRequest to to IS based on an xml file?

Not sure what you’re trying to do. This utility will read a soap message from a text file and post it to IS.


Hi Mcarlson,
Your java program may be what I need, except it does not recieve the response back from IS. I am not a java guru, but have basic knowledge of it. I would like to try out your program.

Could you tell me how to set it up to run in Eclipse or just in cmd. I guess first I need to get the jar file that contain the class for your import [SIZE=2]

Could you give that to me. The rest look they are straight from JDK.

Also, do you have a test file for running it.

Sorry. I am unable to provide any support for that 4-year old sample utilty (which I based on publically available samples).