Siebel Insert Escape


I’m trying to insert the value - Women’s Status - in a field in Siebel (which is a Pick List value) via the Siebel Adapter 6 SP3
However I keep getting an error that this value is not a valid pick list value

If I check on Siebel, this value is there, however to be able to find it I have to query in the following manner “Women’s Status”

I believe I have to escape the single quote (’) before being able to insert it into Siebel, but I can’t find any information on this

I’ve tried the following (based on search on Google)
Women’s Status
Women’s Status
Women’'s Status
All the above inside Single Quotes (ex. ‘Women’s Status’) and Double Quotes (ex. “Women’s Status”)

And none of them yield any positive results

Does anyone has any idea on how to solve this ?

Thanks in advance