Siebel extension columns

webMethods newbie - writing a flow service to update a field in Siebel’s Account BusComp that is a custom extension column to S_ORG_EXT table.

We can generate the Siebel service with no problems, but when running, the error message “Field ‘{custom column}’ does not exist in business component ‘Account’” is logged. When generating the same service but using a native Siebel column, like ‘Name’, the service executes correctly. Any ideas?

Siebel 6.3, wM 6.0.1, Siebel Adapter 2.1

You need to make sure the changes, “adding the custom column” is compiled into the servers .srf file and the column is not set to inactive or hidden, which can be checked using Siebel tools. The problem can occur if the Siebel filed is not defined in the BC and associated with the appropriate database table or if the repository contains no information about this column.

First recompile the Siebel Business object and make sure that latest SRF file is in the server and after that also if you see the same issue… u got the make the siebel field as forceActive and recompile again…

I hope it will work

all the best