Siebel Adapter

Has anyone integrated with Siebel 7.0?
I have to define the strategy of implementation :
either use siebel adapter, ODBC adapter or both
if someone has a clue, don’t hesitate…
thanks in advance,


Are you using the Enterprise Server or the Integration Server? There is a Siebel 7 adapter for the Integration Server (B2B) but not for the Enterprise Server. We are using the XML adapter to integrate with Siebel. This will allow us to work with the Businees Component layer in Siebel and not directly interact with the database.

Thanks for your prompt answer, we’re using Enterprise Server.

add-ons to my previous question :

  • we’re not sure wether to use Siebel 6 or 7 adapter.
  • What is the workload when implementing XML adapter with siebel ?

to make it short, i have to find the best implementation strategy, meaning minimum cost, minimum workload… well, as usual…


We are on ES 5.0 and connecting to a Siebel 7.03 system. For outbound transactions, we are using the Siebel EAI Business Layer to produce xml files and using the wM XML Adapter 4.2. For inbound transactions we are using the Siebel 2000 Adapter 4.2.

The problem with this is that we can not do a real-time request/reply from Siebel. i.e. If Siebel user wants to get immediate response back to their screen, the method above will not work because of it’s “dis-connected” nature.

Ideally, we could use VB script to call wM API to do a publish request and wait method. This would return an immediate response. But VB does not run on an AIX box where our Siebel server is running.

If using the XML Adapter, you will need a DTD/XML schema from Siebel. We have also found a related issue where Siebel has produced invalid DTD’s. If you are familar with XML/DTD , it is just a matter of correcting the DTD based on a sample XML file produced by Siebel.


Additionally, another reason we are using the XML Adapter for outbound from Siebel is because the Siebel Adapter notification operations do not work properly.


Thanks for your answers, they’ve been quite helpful.