Siebel adapter::Cannot create configured operations


I have installed Siebel adapter 4.1.1 on windows NT m/c and siebel thick client ver 6.3 on the same m/c.
I have succesfully configured the adapter and the adapter configuration tool shows the adapter running.But when i try to create new configured operations using Enterprise integrator ver 4.6 on a different m/c, I get the following error
“The requested operation could not be completed because the adapter process cannot be contacted and the adapter is not known to be running”.

I also tried increasing the Timeout period in the Enterprise Integrator but the problem persists.

PLS Help!!

Try running the adapter in debug mode while create the configured operations.

Try to reatart the adapter monitor process. Try to increase the heap size. Check how many adapters are running in the host and try to disable one and enble your adapter. Try to run in debug mode.