Siebel Adapter and Hard Connection Sever problem

In the Siebel adapter release notes there is mention of a known problem with certain versions of siebel which will leave connections hanging open in the case of a hard shutdown of siebel components.

For various non-webMethods related reasons, the customer cannot upgrade siebel.

My question is: is there a way to get around this problem on the webMethods side of things?

Attempts to reset the connection/adapter do not seem to work.

Any workarounds?

You can try setting your Minimum Pool Size to 0, so a connection is not always “up”. There is documentation in the User Guide Chapter 3 that describes the behavior. Besides this, the only other “workaround” is rebooting the server. The customer really should look at getting a patch from Siebel is they have Siebel 7.5.3 which is where Siebel put out a patch to fix this issue. I believe another customer was requesting a fix for Siebel 7.5.2 as well.

Hope this helps.


The problem here is when Siebel Object manager dies, the JavadataBean which adapter uses does not know it has dies and does not bother to re-connect. A hotfix has been provided for the JavaDataBean.

We requested Siebel to provide a Hotfix and they did which resolves the issue. The hotfix contains new version of their JavaDatabean which the adapter uses. hotfix contains new SiebelJxx.jar files to replace the same files where adapter is installed and also update Siebel server.

The Hotfix is: SIA QF0443

Please note your Siebel must be at or higher.
Hope this helps.

The other alternative is to restart your Integration Server !