Siebel 2000 4.1 Adapter/Associate Configuration Operation

I have been searching for a webMethods example on how to configure an Associate Operations for Siebel and I have not found one. Does anyone? Is there good documentation on how to do it(the user guide isnot very helpful)?


I am looking for the same thing. User guide does not have any details on Associate Operation. Did anybody use this configured operation in Siebel adapter?

Has anyone worked on the Associate operation with siebel adapter ?

Is there any good documentation on how to do it(the user guide isn’t very helpful)?


Hi Ray, Igor, Saurabh,

 I turned up your thread looking for the same answer today. Here's how to do it.

In the Navigation Path set the following:
a. Business Object = Object to derive Business Component list from
b. Business Component = The Business Component to have an association added to it.
c. Multi Valued Link [1] = the component to be associated *Association

On the Search tab put sufficient queries on the Business Component and the Multi Value Link [1] to identify the values.

Then, if the Primary Id should be the newly associated component then you also need to configure an Update operation to set the Primary_associatedComponent_Id on the Business Component (b, above) to be the Id of the associated component to be associated (c, above).

I agree about the documentation for this operation as well.