Sibel error : Help

We are getting an error when we try to enable the connection for the Siebel Adapter . We have given all the parameters required for connecting to both the Siebel Windows-Thin Connection as well as Siebel Java Connection but the same error is displayed for both the Siebel Java Connection and the Siebel Windows- Thin Connection .I have given all the parameters rightly.
I have done all possible with the right jar files addition , to applying fixes and checking for Server Settings. But to no avail.

Error :

[ART.118.5042] Adapter Runtime (Connection): Unable to enable connection resource folder:service.
[ART.118.5063] Adapter Runtime (Connection): Unable to start connection folder:service: after 1 attempt(s). com/Siebel/data/SiebelException
Please help me as to how can we remove this error.Its a top priority for us.