Shutting down server on AIX machine


Is there any way to shut down the integration server if the IS is down and cannot ablte to open the admin console on AIX machine?

Also, is it possible to open the admin console using diagnostic port in such cases?

Shriraksha A.N

If your integration server is dead (not responding) ie taking time to open the Admin console, then you can kill the process. But before killing the process take the thread dump to analyze the issue.

Thanks for the response…

My requirement is in case if the IS is not responding, then the user need to properly shut down the server and then needs to start it again on AIX machine.

Is there anything that we can do through command prompt to achive this?

I am not aware of killing a process as you have mentioned earlier. If the admin console itself is not opening, how can we kill a process?

Thanks in advance…

Shriraksha A.N

If the IS is dead, then the only way is to kill the process ( not graceful shutdown as not able to open the Admin page ).

  1. Seach for the process id.
  2. kill the process: kill -3

Then start the IS server again: /.nohup
and then check the server log.

Thanks Sasanka…Its working great…