Shutting down one half of Cluster in UAT

I know this is a stupid question, but…

We have a clustered UAT environment. 2 Clustered backend IS’s, 2 clustered MWS, 2 clustered TN IS’s and 1 unclustered Broker. All running in a VM.

My question is: Can I simply shutdown 1/2 of the clustered components without any issue, or is there something specific that I need to do to spin down 1/2 of the clustered UAT Environment ??

Also, when we need the UAT environment to be clustered again (for UAT testing of a like Production environment) is it just a matter of spinning up the disabled half of the UAT Cluster ??

Hello David
From the deployment architecture perspective, Yes. You can just bring down the 2nd set of nodes in your cluster. However, from implementation perspective,the impact of this purely depends on the way your interface implementations are done. For example, if you have any interfaces where you perform some remote invoke calls to other cluster nodes (due to your design), then such integrations may fail unless their specific configuration is tuned not to.
While bringing up the 2nd set of cluster back, it is recommended if you bring them up in sequence as below:

  • Brokers
  • MWS
  • TN IS
  • IS

You mentioned all components are clustered. This means, binaries, fixes and project code are same

If clients use direct IP address and port, then it is difficult for you to take out this node. You must have a nginx/f5 router that routes to available node

If you want to use it on need basis, you will have to ensure product binaries, fixes and code deployment in sync between these clustered nodes