Should be simple: How do I search for certain text within flow?

For example, I have a map and in the Comments filed it has “fix blank”.
Is there a way for me to somehow search for “fix blank” and get pointed to the map in question?

Unfortunately, no, not in Developer or Designer. :frowning:

Thanks, Rob. I have to say that’s pretty awful.
I took over a project with with more flows than I can count. Some of the flows have 300+ lines and if I need to find where a specific step takes place it takes me forever.

One approach that may help. Right-click on the service in the navigation pane and View as HTML. Then search within the browser. That can help you zero in on the step you’re looking for.

Yup thanks! Figured that out and it definitely helps. Once I find a match though, I have a hard time finding where in the flow the step actually is.