Creating a shell i notice that the wm_fabric_nav while pointing to folders(show menus=true/showtabs=false/sortkey=sort id) doesn’t act correctly between two browsers of ie(works as mouse over drop down) but not mozilla(of any version 1.5/2.0/3.0 - results in the need to click on it that still doesn’t produce a drop down list as a mouse hover does in i.e.)

I am trying to help minimize the set of needed variables to anaylze this and one estimate was to try it on a environment that doesn’t have an altered skin on it but while trying to reproduce this i get a new error that says userid “cannot list the contents of Header Links”

how do I fix this? is this something that I just need to open up to public ?

Try this way…Add the corresponding user to the role of My webmethod user and then try so tat user is able to view the header contents