Shell problem

Dear all.

I try to create a custom shell. My main motivation is to get a custom layout for a presenation. But I don’t succeed in getting the navigation bar in the header.
I have done the following: I create a new shell and define “myWebmethods Start Page Shell” as the parent. Then I clone from the parent to get a custom header. Within I want to change the logo and stuff like this. BUT

The Navigation portlet in the Start Page Shell is an instance of the wm_fabric_nav___mainnav portlet titled ‘My webMethods Main Navigation’.

Hey mark, thanks for your answer.

I found the portlet (it is hard to find anything in this shell configuration view…), but I have problems with the configuration. I tried to set all the properties like in the Start Page Shell, but this portlet is not displayed :frowning: I placed it in a separate column next to the breadcrumbs column, but nothing is displayed when I use this shell. Any hints? How do I tweak the configuration of a portlet? Just with the “Properties” tabs?

Hope you can help me,