Shared Memory DB Error

Dear All,
I got the following error in one of the IS servers. We have 3 IS servers querying the same DB. But this error comes in only one of them. And goes away when we reload the package. Is there any parameters that can be set on the IS side which can cause this to happen only for that IS and not other ones, even though different IS servers are calling the same SP in the same DB.

ORA-04031 : unable to allocate 32 bytes of shared memory (“shared pool”,“unknown object”,“”,“kglHeapInitializertemp”)

Can anyone tell me that steps that happen when we reload the package , as the error goes away when we reload the package??

  • Regards
  • Palash Nandi

I understand that you have a work around solution…but have you also checked with your DBA what they see on their side when this issue happens?

To me its really a db connection resource or driver issue…you could open a ticket with SAG support in the mean time.