Share common object between caf application


i have a situation where different caf application needs to access common object (pojo class), those object needs to be available at a “Portal Level” application scope.

i was looking at the icontext inteface and saw that the Application_Scope is depracated so i’m wondering how i can achieve this.]

Stephane Gingras

DId you have a chance to look at this KB Article: “Sharing web services across Composite Applications”

It discusses creating a Utility project (that has java types in it) that can be reused across different CAF applications.

Now, if you’re trying to share common state across applications, you’ll have to use code like the following to get/set that common object:

public static BreadcrumbModel getBreadcrumbModel(FacesContext facesContext) {


the goal is to share common state across different CAF application,
we did try the code example mention, but it does not work it seems only to make the common state shareable inside the calling application only.

Even I had