SFTP Connection in webMethods

Hi All,

  I am new to webMethods Technology. I need to make a SFTP connection to one of the file servers from webMwthods.

  I am not sure how to make SFTP connection from webMethods. Can any explain me in detail how to make a SFTP connection from webMethods.

Sivarama Krishna

Presume that you would like to make a SFTP (SSH) connection to your file server via webMethods Integration Server.

webMethods Integration Server does not officially support SFTP, but there is a sample package that you may use it for SSH connection.

Click here to visit sample package page.

As stated in Disclaimer of the sample package:
Utilities and samples shown here are not official parts of the webMethods product line. These utilities and samples are not eligible for technical support through webMethods Customer Care. webMethods makes no guarantees pertaining to the functionality, scalability, robustness, or degree of testing of these utilities and samples. Customers are strongly advised to consider these utilities and samples as “working examples” from which they should build and test their own solutions

To activate and use packages in Integration Server, please refer to Integration Server Administration Guide : Chapter 22 - Managing Package