SFTP adapter configuration and requrement

Is JVM version matter to configure SFTP adapter in webMEthods 6.5? Because i make setting and configuration of SFTP server & client, and through command prompt able to connect successfully.
But in case of webMethods SFTP adapter connection, i unable to enable configure. Please help.

hmmm when you say SFTP adapter connection, what exactly you meant to say… ?? i might havn’t understood your problem… Plz eloborate it a little more.

Hi DevExpert,

Thanks for the reply. The problem which i am facing is:
I am tring to configure FSTP adapter in webMethods 6.5. As i have done all required settings in openSSH at server as well as client side.
But, from wm6.5, when i am tring to enable the FSTP adapter connection i am facing error. So i have doubt, is JVM version matters for such connection?