Setting wmode in Flash for CAF Portlet Application

In my portlet I have a menu bar with a series of popup menus. Below this menu bar is a frame control that displays an external web page that has Flash content. The Flash player is hiding the popup menus when the menus are expanded. This only happened in IE and not Firefox. From what I understand I can fix this by setting the wmode of Flash to transparent.

My question is how do I set the wmode of Flash in my portlet?

Use the “Display > Window Mode” property of the flash control.

I tired that and that it did not work for me.

If I drop a Flash control into my portlet the properties for that Flash Control are only for that instance of Flash and will not effect the Flash content from the external website that is displayed in a Frame Control.

Is my understanding about this correct?

If so is there a way to get the Flash Control properties to influence the Flash content in the Frame Control?

If not what am I missing?

Sorry, I missed the part of your question about using a frame control.

It would be up to the external site to configure the wmode value of the flash object. It would usually violate the browser security sandbox for the parent page to manipulate the flash object in a frame.