Setting variables in a Java CFX tag

OK, I can set a simple variable using response.setVariable. I can set a struct. I can set an array. I can set an array of arrays. I can set an array of structs. Here is a code snippet to demonstrate how I do each of these:
// set a plain old variable<br>
response.setVariable(“variable”, “value”);
// set a simple struct<br>
response.setVariable(“struct.element1”, “value1”);<br>
response.setVariable(“struct.element2”, “value2”);<br>
response.setVariable(“struct.element3”, “value3”);
// set an array<br>
response.setVariable(“array[1]”, “”); // create the array<br>
response.setVariable(“array[1]”, “value1”);<br>
response.setVariable(“array[2]”, “value2”);
// set an array of arrays<br>
response.setVariable(“arrayofarrays[1][1]”, “”); // create the array<br>
response.setVariable(“arrayofarrays[1][1]”, “value1”);<br>
response.setVariable(“arrayofarrays[1][2]”, “value2”);<br>
response.setVariable(“arrayofarrays[2][1]”, “value3”);<br>
response.setVariable(“arrayofarrays[2][2]”, “value4”);
// set an array of structs<br>
response.setVariable(“arrayofstructs[1]”, “”);<br>
response.setVariable(“arrayofstructs[1][“key1”]”, “value1”);<br>
response.setVariable(“arrayofstructs[1][“key2”]”, “value2”);<br>
response.setVariable(“arrayofstructs[2][“key3”]”, “value3”);<br>
response.setVariable(“arrayofstructs[2][“key4”]”, “value4”);<br>
response.setVariable(“arrayofstructs[2][“key5”]”, “value5”);
These all work fine. But for the life of me I can’t figure out how to do what I need to do, which is set an array as an element of a struct. I know CF can do that - I can create one using the cfset tag, but I cannot figure out how to do it from a Java cfx tag. Help!!

Ooops! Sorry - this message was meant for the ColdFusion forum. The WebMethods end of this problem is working fine…