setting value

I have input text box that I want to be able to be an input for a couple of different possible variables…

say conflict.description or conflict.notes

I set the value of the text box upon the selection of what they want to modify but when the data is submitted - i don’t see the modified value of the data being passed? Is there a different way to associate the value of the text box so it maps to the original data that I am asking to be modified? It looks like since I am setting it through a html accessor(through setItemValue) that it isn’t linking to the original data… do I need to set the item value via a specific method instead of getting it through the task data ie getgetConflict.getResult.notes? should it be set via some #{} method?

another option would be to have two different input fields (one bound with the notes and one with the description) in two different hideable panels. You would toggle their visibility depending on their selection.