Setting up Reverse Gateway

Having problems setting up and using the Reverse Gateway. Not sure if anyone else out there is using this or if there is a better solution.
In 6.5 we had a working reverse invoke using an alias IP. Now that we are upgrading to 8.1 the same setup doesn’t seem to be working.
I’ve read the webMethods documents, but am unsure of where to go with this. Nothing in the document is very clear.

What the end solution I’m looking for is:
Someone from outside being able to submit/post a document to webMethods. Doesn’t seem like that should be as difficult as it is. lol

Please provide any error messages you’ve seen. What configuration you’ve tried. Etc. We need more info than “it’s not working.” :wink:

Setup on the gateway server:
Gateway External setup on port 4433
Gateway Registration setup on port 4444
setup on internal server
Registration Internal setup as gatewayIP:4444
Results: Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage

I believe you should this port in the IE and test it:

gatewayIP:4433 and it should prompt you for IS login:

Access Denied.

Services necessary to show the Integration Server Administrator are currently unavailable on this port. This is most likely due to port security restrictions.

If this is the only port available to access the Integration Server, contact webMethods Support.

Does not seem to let me

Did you set the port access permissions to allow by default on both reverse/Internal servers and make sure all the ports enabled?


I believe that was it. Thanks a million. Missed port access on the Internal server.

Just great: