Setting up broker in HA cluster

Hi All,

I need to setup brokers in HA cluster in our environment. Need to know the exact steps for doing so. The documentation does not seem to be very precise in this case.

Please let me know if I am wrong in my understanding below:

  1. Have the load balancer point to node 1 and install the broker server on shared storage between node1 and node 2.

  2. Make the first node inactive – remove the load balancer to point to node 1.

  3. Install webMethods Broker, using the instructions in the Software AG Installation
    Guide, without creating a new Broker Server configuration. – would this involve only installing the broker using broker_create command in same shared storage?

  4. Make the second node active so that it will respond to the virtual IP address and have
    access to the storage files on the shared storage. – make the load balancer point to node 2

  5. Use the server-config utility with the add subcommand to point the webMethods
    Broker executable to the storage files you already created for the first node on the
    shared storage. For information about the server-config utility, see Administering
    webMethods Broker. – need command for the same.

Request your help on the same.


So did you check the 8-2-SP3_Administering_Broker.pdf for the server-config commands?

Did that not helped?