Setting Up a Reverse HTTP Gateway (Reverse Invoke)

Does anyone configured Reverse HTTP Gateway (Reverse Invoke) in webMethods?

I have configured “Gateway External Port-8888” and “Gateway Registration Port-6666” in Machine one(Proxy DMZ) IS.

I have added Internal server port in another (Machine two) IS. And specified Reverse HTTP Gateway Server
(Host : Proxy DMZ)
(Port : 6666)
with Administrator credentials.

I tried to invoke the service(on Machin two IS) on using Host: Proxy DMZ Port:8888.

Unable access… Pls Help…

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  1. What version of IS and Fix are you having?
  2. Does your internal server connect to reverse invoke gateway?
  3. Does RI receive HTTP request? Check logs…
  4. What error RI pops up when it tries to send the request from RI to Internal server?


Try to edit the Access Mode of Internal port to Allow by Default

Hi, I’m planning to use TN’s Partner On-boarding process. I have created an invitation with standard template questionnaire. I can send email to external partner but they can not access the link or questionnaire as MWS portlet is not accessible through RI.
Is there a way to enable MWS specific functions for specific external partners to view and update? In other words, how do I use the RI as gateway for MWS?

Any help or guidance to solve the above, would be highly appreciated.
Thank you,
Barun P