Setting 'Other Properties' at Adapter Service Level

Hi all, I am trying to do something here and wasn’t able to find any good information on the WWW so - wanted to pitch it here and see if anyone has done this or something similar. So, here goes.

Database: IBM DB2
jdbc Driver Version: IBM DB2 JDBC Universal Driver Architecture 3.2.49
IS: 6.5 SP2
WmJDBCAdapter: 6.5
WmART: 6.5

When you create an adapter connection to a database, it allows you to set some “other properties” that the driver supports via the adapter connection configuration page. This property will apply to all the adapter services created using the adapter connection. We have a ‘Enterprise’ adapter connection to the DB2 database system. We have about 300+ adapter services that use this connection. The version of DB2 JDBC Driver we are using allows you to set a property “clientAccountingInformation” that will show up on the mainframe and can be used to track the particular request and some other good info. The problem is, if I set this on the adapter connection, it is the same for all adapter services that use the connection and I cannot distinguish them on the mainframe. So, now my question is:
How/Can I set a property that is allowed under “other properties” for a driver at an adapter service level?

I tried writing a java program that does a simple select against a table and specified this property. It worked. But I am unable to specify that property anywhere on the adapter service.

Thanks in advance for any information.

One solution is to create multiple adapter connections, one for each “clientAccountingInformation” that you need to use.