Set timout on DB connection


I want to set timeout on DB connection. We are using WMDB aliases to make DB connection and service is pub.db:connect.

Actually while making DB connection, sometimes it is taking indefinite time and blocking the service.

So i want to set some time interval to wait , if it exceeds it should throw some error message, so that I can take further actions ( closing DB connection etc.)

I appreciate someone help in this.

Hi Satish,

i think that there is no service in DB folder to set an interval for a connection, but i am not sure that setting a session timeout limit will help on this as show in usage notes for pub.db:connect.

why you are not using WmJdbcAdapeter to work with databases?



There are certain timeout paramaters in the JDBC adapter such as
Block Timeout (msec) , Expire Timeout (msec). You can refer the JDBC adapter users guide for more clarity on the timeout paramaters.