Set statement and multi part message


I have a multi part message and I want to copy a section from one document into the other. I know this can be done with a transformation but I would like to do this with a set statement if possible.

The attached sequence shows a set statement that has taken data from one document and placed it in the original payload.

There is also an example from another stream called ‘add document to payload’ which shows a contentID being referenced from within a stylesheet.

You can use the XSL “document” function, to either bring in an entire external document, or parts of it that are selected by an xpath expression. In the following example:
<xsl:value-of select=“document(‘cid:tfile2’)/csvdata/row/column”/>
the content of another message part with content-id of ‘tfile2’ is read and the xpath expression that follows is applied to it. The resulting nodeset is then inserted into the output document.

Hope this helps, Chris
Loop_Line_Items.xml (1.34 KB)

Thanks Chris, it works.