Set control ???????

can any1 make me comfortable in Set control statement pls. :frowning:

What is the essence of using

set control ‘N’,
set control ‘L’,
set control ‘XXXXXXXX’ (where XXXXXXXX means some content)

What this exactly means and it do have any pre-defined set of rules ?

please make me clear by providing me appropiate examples…

Advance thanks… :smiley:

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SET CONTROL is used to issue what are called “terminal commands” in Natural.

for example:

SET CONTROL 'WL40C15F is a windowing command.

Check your Natural documentation for “terminal commands”. When a terminal command is issued via SET CONTROL, the initial % sign is not present.


Hi Steve,

I do agree that we will be using terminal commands.

can we use more than 1 terminal commands in single SET CONTROL ?

I am really confused with the below listed control statements.
its is of Window processing kind.


But can you be more specific on what this mean ‘WL25C20B3/45F’ and ‘WMB’.

Your response will be appreciated and helpful to all, who are not aware of same.

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Until you have learned about Natural’s family of windowing commands, and their capabilities, individual commands will be quite meaningless.

Just in case you are really curious;

L25C20 sets the size of a window
B3/45 positions the window on the screen
F frames the window

If you have access to Natural documentation, you should look up “terminal commands”. You will discover that % followed by almost any letter of the alphabet does something in Natural. There are screen scraper commands, recording commands, windowing commands, etc.


And Documentation.

e.g. for Windows it is: