ServiceNow integration with webmethods 7x version

Hi Expects,

Please share your inputs on this, We are in a position to Integrate ServiceNow ticketing tool with the webmethods 7.x version, as we have come across couple of ideas,

here is the ideas,

1, with the help of DB ServiceNow will fetch the records and create a ticket.
2, other way is using the plugins,

Now what is the challenges that we are facing is, we don’t have any plugins . so please tel me that which approach can be flexible for this, and how to initiate with that, also list out me the required component and steps as well.

Thanks for your understanding.


If you client is able to manage and upgrade to wM 9.x there is a ServiceNow Enterprise Service Management connector available.

Refer the below link for more details.

Thanks Mahesh,

following the 9x upgradation is not possible at present. looking solution with the 7x only, can you please share related to that details.


Hi Arjun,

the idea with the database can be solved by using JDBCAdapter.