Service Using wmRoot

Hi All,

I have created a flow service using some of the wmRoot services. But when I am trying to call this service as a webService its not returning any result. On further checking we can find wmRoot services are not returning any data and also not throwing any error. But if i pass user/ID in ws connector call , its retrieving correctly.

Can anyone please suggest on this.

Baharul Islam

Hi Baharul,

WmRoot services are secured with an ACL and cannot be invoked anonymously.

You need to be authenticated to the IS to invoke such services.


Use of Wmroot services is not supported. They are internal only and there is no guarantee they won’t change with new versions of webMethods.
If you use them nevertheless, I highly recommend not calling them directly but writing a wrapping flow service and calling this one. This makes migration and access management far easier.

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