Service scans a repertory

I’m sorry because I don’t have a good english!
I working with webmethod 6.0.1 with win 2000
How to make a service to scans a repertory daily to see arrived of a file and when it arrives starts on other service

Thanks very match


If by repertory you mean directory I suggest you write a java service which lists files in your directory. If file is found you read it and pass the content to the other service.
Schedule this file listing service to run once a day.


Thank you very match peter for your help
but I’m not verry well in java would you like to be more specific please!


Have you thought about any webMethods or java training or perhaps reading a user guide??? Is your company planning to hire any experienced developers?


Hi Bellamine,

it is possible to run a scheduled service, which can check a folder (scan the folder) for a file, if a file is found, it can read the file and call another service, by providing the contents of the file as input.

Am I missing something or shouldn’t you just use a FilePoller?

You just define a File Polling port and bingo you’re ready.

Hi friends
I find a very simple solution without a java service !!!

you can use the repeat step and you should configure it correctly (count =1 and back off =5s)
and use pub.file:getFile) to get you a file that you need
it very easy but it just need time to discover it!

Good luck!!

Yes Ronald
it was a very good idea !!!
I used FilePolling port it’s very easy, I run it and all was very well
but after when I run again I have an error!

when I put the file"request.xml " in Monitoring directory it will be deleted after each File Polling Interval, before running Processing Service and it give me the following error in the log file

CET [FPL.0001.0033C] Error processing service: [FPL.0002.0004] Server Error: [ISS.0086.9020] C:\Program Files\IntegrationServer\PollFich\RequestPool.xml does not exist

please give any help!!
thanks !!!