Service Development POC – Help us test drive a light-weight Software AG Designer

Product: Software AG Designer

Software AG requests customers in helping us test-drive a light-weight version of Software AG Designer with only Service Development in it.
This is a POC to evaluate the Service Development Rich Client Platform (RCP).

This Service Development POC is an Eclipse rich client platform application that is intended solely for editing, testing and debugging Integration Server services. In other words, it is a subset of Designer that only supports Service Development.

This document provides instructions on the installation of the Service Development RCP and on how to provide feedback to Software AG on its usage and performance.

The Service Development RCP is not officially supported and you cannot use normal support channels regarding this configuration. This does not constitute a commitment by Software AG to support Service Development RCP at any point in the future.


This can be installed on Windows only. It uses the Service Development plugin version 9.7.
You can connect to an Integration Server version 8.2 and above from this RCP.


1.Unzip the archive Please be aware that if you are using Chrome, you may see a warning message when downloading the zip file.
2.Run the eclipse.exe in the Eclipse folder. A workspace will be created in the same location.
3.Go to Window → Preferences->Software AG → Service Development → Package Navigator. Uncheck Hide generated flow services.
4.In order to connect to an Integration Server, go to Window → Preferences-> Software AG → IntegrationServers and establish a connect to an Integration Server that is running.
5.If you need more information, you can go to Help > Working with webMethods Integration Server and read “Connecting to an Integration Server”.

How to provide feedback

If you have any feedback or questions, please email

NOTE: This is not an official support channel. Emails will be dealt with on a best-effort basis.