Server not getting started


I have installed wM 7.1 on my machine.when ever i shut down my machine wM server also gets shut down and if i start my machine again then i have to start the server but earlier when i was working n 6.5.Server always remained up.

Is there any property which we need to set so that if machine gets restarted server also come up automatically?

Thanks in advance!

Is the server installed as a windows service? If yes then set it to automatic, instead of manual.This will make sure that the server comes up when you restart your machine.

An FYI, you just posted in the wrong section. All questions related to IS Administration issue go under Managing Integration server section.


Hi Akki,

Thanks for your reply,i also thot to try same thing(Automatic from manual).I have installed at windows server but in services i am not able to find service for webMethods which we used to have in earlier version.

Is there any other way or if this is the only way then what is the service name?

My apologies for posting in wrong thread.:(.i will keep in mind in my next posts.


You can install the webMethods service from a batch file called installSvc.bat or something and this should be under the win32 directory. Run this batch file and if you want you can edit this batch file to install the WM service in the name that you wish.


Thanks for reply but i have searched into my whole machine.This file is found nowhere.
Could you please give me full path of this file?

Thanks :))

Hi you can get this file at below location.