Server not comming up

Hi All,

I am trying to start the integration server (v7.1) its not at all coming up…
its writing the below error in log… Please help me in making the server up

Error Encountered:

2011-08-16 08:03:17 GMT [ISS.0014.0054C] Error occurred while initializing server: java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: com.wm.lang.xml.token.TokenAttribute.normalize(Lcom/wm/util/Name;Lcom/wm/lang/xml/token/EntityTable;)V at com.wm.lang.xml.token.WMTokenSource.processAttributes( at com.wm.lang.xml.token.WMTokenSource.getElementOrDecl( at com.wm.lang.xml.token.WMTokenSource.nextToken( at com.wm.lang.xml.DocumentTreeBuilder.processNextToken( at com.wm.lang.xml.Node.getNextSiblingWm( at com.wm.lang.xml.ElementNodeBase.getNextSiblingOfChild( at com.wm.util.coder.IDataXMLCoder.decode( at com.wm.util.coder.IDataXMLCoder.decode( at at at at at at

Madhu Madineni

Hi Madhu,

Please verfiy the JVM path in or verify any jar is conflicting at server level