Server Configuration - ABE, Reference Server, Jenkins

Hello everyone,

I’m looking into server configuration for setting up Asset Build Environment, but I have some hard time finding the initial/minimum recommendations from Software AG in the documentation.

Any tips/suggestions from someone that already did this is very much appreciated!



we’ve use ABE since a few Months in Combinaton with Jenkins.

We have one machine where the ABE and Jenkins is installed. We’ve configurated the ABE in combination with Jenkins with different Jobs.

  1. Automatic Build -> Calls a Batchfile which starts the ABE and tell ABE to check-out all sources and made a build
  2. Automatic Deployement -> Calls also a Batchfile and Deploy the Build to our Continous Integration Env.
  3. Manual Build -> Calls a Batch File which Check-Out a specific TAG from SVN and Build this
  4. Manual Deployement -> Calls a Batchfile which Deploy the Build from 3. to a enviroment which can be defined in Jenkins.

In Jenkins we use the following Plug-ins:
Mailer Plugin
Scriptler -> For Some Groovy Scripts in the Jenkins Jobs
Schedule Build Plugin -> For Manual Deployements useful the automatic deploy at night.
Uno-Choice Plug-in -> For the Jenkins Jobs

What specific Informations did you need?



Hi Michael,

Thanks for your quick reply.

I am currently looking for some recommendations in terms of hardware requirements for the server that will be hosting the Jenkins server and the ABE (initial storage allocation, RAM, CPU…).

I see that steps 3 and 4 mentioned below are manual, any reason for that? Any limitation that you encountered that lead to this decision or is more process related? For example, production releases normally go trough a Change Request process approval and are released following pre-defined plan.

Many thanks & Regards,

Hi Ana,

we run the ABE Env. in a Virtual Machine 1 CPU with 2 Cores, 16GB RAM, and about 100GB Hard Disk Space on a Windows Server 2008 R2.

Yes this is process related, there a no technical impacts doing this manual.



Hi Michael,

Many thanks for the useful information!