Serial processing using JMS triggers

Hi All,

We are trying to achieve serial processing using JMS triggers . Our architechture has 2 IS front end servers which are clustered and 2 backend IS servers clustered and all these servers are connected to single broker . In a single run all the documents are published from single front end IS and on subscribing end it can subscribe from either of backend IS . Now the issue is documents are not being subscribed in an order how they are published they are out of order .

Could any please put your thoughts or experiences on the above issue .


For Serial processing to work, make sure the SharedState property of the Destination is set to ‘Publisher’ instead of ‘None’.

The JMS subscribing triggers should also be set to ‘Serial’ processing Mode.

This should help. Let me know

Thanks Naveen . This works now :slight_smile:

Wonderful :wink:

Good catch and solution :slight_smile: