Serial processing in Process Models


I understand that we can always configure for serial processing with triggers. But how can I make sure that entire process is executed one transaction at a time - from start to end of the process. I’m not sure if I set subscription trigger as serial, that would do any help in making the entire process serial.


Do you mean to say, one instance at a time? Only after completion of first instance, the second should fire. Is it? Also, in your process, do you have any tasks? There will always be questions around sequence of process being triggered, but execution time might be different for different instances if it has tasks or human interactions. Depends on which task is completed first, the corresponding instance will lead to completion.


Hi Senthil,

Yes, I need only one instance of the process running at any given time. Only after the completion of first process instance, the next instance must kick in. And no tasks involved.


I am talking about Version 7

1.) As far as I know you can’t configure the behaviour of serial/parallel Processing in Designer. So you would configure this attribute after Deploying your Model to the development environment. Search for the Subscription Trigger in Developer in your BP-Package and change the field ‘Processing mode’ from concurrent to serial. This configuration could be deployed to other environments

Be carefull with generating new versions of the Model, the subscription Trigger could be overwritten

2.) you could directly change the subscription trigger via Administrator/Settings/Messaging/Broker Lokal Trigger Management/*Subscription Trigger.
Change Max Execution Threads from 10 to 1. (Restart Integration Server)

Be carefull when deploying, the subscription Trigger could be overwritten

3.) you prevent parallel processing directly in your app. e.g you could use semaphores, in webMethods you might use wmPublic/Storage Services