sendStream and receiveStream usage in JMS

Hi Experts,

I am using webMethods IS 8.2.2. I want to do JMS Communication within the IS, by using sendStream & receiveStream services.Here i created JMS connection alias with NoTransaction. created Client group and specified in JMS Connection alias.

I am sending stream data in Sender Service by using “pub.jms.wmjms:sendStream”.
created trigger for the particular destination(queue, that i have created with client group and specified in JMS Conn alias).

specified subscribing service that i have created with “pub.jms.wmjms:receiveStream”
When i trying to run the sender service i am getting the following error. Help me

trigger failed: java.lang.NullPointerException


What I understood from the JMS documentation. The large JMS message is not meant for pub-sub. You need to write a service, [including pub.jms.wmjms:receiveStream] which keep polling the queue/topic to read the stream.


Page: 366, last para.

You might want to use the scheduler capabilities within Integration Server to schedule a service that receives and then process large messages from webMethods JMS Provider. For more information about scheduling services, see Administering webMethods Integration Server.