sending response to a service

I have a service- ServiceA that invokes serviceB using pub.client:http by sending the filecontents.
ServiceB is receiving the filecontents that ServiceA sent.
My problem is iServiceB has to send a String-Success(“success”) back to ServiceA once it receives the filecontents.
How can i send the String as a response back to ServiceA?


Hi chowdari,

You can use built-in service “pub.flow:setResponse” , to send response String to a calling process i.e. a browser or application server.

For more, refer IntegrationServerBISReference.pdf

Puneet Saxena

Hi Puneet,

Thanks for ur ans. My now requiremnt is a DocumentType and not a String
If i want a DocumentType to be sent as a response from ServiceB to ServiceA, then what is the solution?


Based on what you have,

The easiest solution is to convert your doc to String-xml (documentToXMLValues) and convert back on the other side (XMLValuesToDocument) .

I hope it helps


Is Service B a Flow service running on a second Integration Server (Server B)? If so, define a remote server entry for Server B using Administrator and then use pub.remote:invoke built-in service to invoke service B.

Design service B to accept as input the data that A needs to send and to return the desired document type. You can even build it initial on Server A, test it using a normal invoke step and then when it is working copy it to Server B and change the normal invoke to a remote invoke.

This is pretty basic stuff. You might benefit from going through the Developer 4.6 Tutorial avalable on Advantage. It’s a bit dated, but still useful for learning basic Flow language stuff. Another help would be to work through the examples in the WmSamples package (you have to download this package from Advantage beginning in IS 6.5).